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FMCSA removes certain medical examiners from registry

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is proposing to remove medical examiners (MEs) from its National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners who have failed to access their National Registry account using and update the profile information in their account as required.

Since June 2018, by using the email, physical address and telephone number these MEs provided to FMCSA in their National Registry account, the agency has attempted to notify them of the requirement to access their account using

There are approximately 15,727 MEs who have not accessed their National Registry account using and as a result, are not able to fulfill regulatory requirements such as reporting results of DOT physicals performed on commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers, receiving FMCSA communications, and completing required training.

MEs who are removed from the National Registry will no longer be certified to perform DOT physicals of truckers. To avoid being removed from the National Registry, MEs to whom this notice applies must complete certain corrective actions.

Within 30 days of the notice being published on Wednesday, Jan. 24, MEs who are subject to the notice must create a account and correct all outdated contact information in their profiles. MEs who do not complete this process within 30 days will be removed from the National Registry.

The agency said MEs not using must be removed from the National Registry before June 23, 2025, when FMCSA will begin electronically transmitting medical certification information for CMV drivers from the National Registry to the state driver’s licensing agencies. If an ME does not access their National Registry account using and report results of physicals performed, FMCSA will not be able to electronically transmit those results for posting to the drivers’ records.

Medical certificates issued by MEs who are removed from the Registry before they are removed will not be invalidated. MEs removed from the Registry will continue to appear on the public website for three years following the date of their removal with an indication that they are no longer certified as an ME and have been removed from the National Registry with a removal date.

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