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Reize is a logistics management and dispatching service that specializes in working with box truck carriers. Our aim is to provide an efficient and reliable platform for box truck owners and operators to receive and complete deliveries. Our dispatching service ensures that our carriers receive the best paying loads and support throughout the entire delivery process. With Reize, box truck carriers can focus on driving and delivering while we handle all the dispatching and logistics management.

Reize helps maximize earnings for box truck owner operators by providing them with access to a network of reliable and high-paying loads through partnerships with qualified brokers. Our dispatch services optimize routes, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency, resulting in more profitable trips for our carriers. Additionally, Reize offers support and guidance to help our carriers make informed decisions and maximize their earning potential.

Reize partners with reliable and qualified brokers to find the best paying loads for its carriers. The dispatching team at Reize uses its industry knowledge and connections to negotiate competitive rates and secure high-paying loads for its carriers. Reize also ensures that its carriers have the necessary information, support, and resources to complete each load successfully, maximizing their earning potential.

Reize provides comprehensive support to its carriers during each load. Our team of dispatchers work closely with carriers to ensure they have the necessary information and resources to complete each delivery successfully. From start to finish, we are available to answer any questions and provide guidance. Our goal is to help our carriers run their businesses efficiently and effectively, and we do this by providing the support they need to succeed.

Reize works with both local and long-haul box truck loads. Our goal is to find the best paying loads for our carriers, regardless of the distance. Our logistics management team has experience handling both short-haul and long-haul shipments, and we use our network of reliable and qualified brokers to secure the best loads for our carriers.

The fee for dispatching services with Reize is 5% for loads that are booked. There are no fees for cancelled loads or for detention and layovers. Additionally, Reize has a bonus system for carriers who refer new companies to us, providing added value to our services.

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