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Autonomous Trucks Restrictions Under Review


An Iowa bill is tackling the operation of autonomous trucks. Currently, state law permits driverless-capable vehicles to operate without a physically present “conventional human driver.”

However, proposed a bill (SF2218) that would necessitate a conventional driver to be physically present in driverless-capable vehicles used for commercial purposes. Under this bill, a human operator would be required to monitor the vehicle’s operation and intervene if necessary.


A renewed effort in the Kentucky General Assembly aims to revise the state’s regulations regarding truck platooning. Kentucky law permits truck platooning, but mandates that a human driver must be present in the trailing vehicle. One year ago, Governor Andy Beshear vetoed legislation proposing that only the lead vehicle in the platoon would require a human driver, while trailing vehicles would need to be fully autonomous.

New York

In New York, two bills address the operation of autonomous trucks. State law does not mandate the presence of a human capable of taking control in emergencies for large vehicles. The new bill that has been introduced would require operators to accompany autonomous trucks on the state’s roads. This requirement applies specifically to autonomous vehicles weighing over 10,000 pounds.

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